Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My First!

So...this is it! My sudden need to start blogging after over a year that I have been stopped writing. It used to be my passion..but I only wrote traditionally - that is by handwriting in books! hahaha!..
I've yet to catch up with the modern world. I felt the sudden urge to share my thoughts and piece of mind. It's not gonna be easy coz I'm usually not very comfortable of telling the world of how I felt accept to those who are close to me aka 'Biarlah Rahsia'. So, this time 'tiada lagi rahsia'..
Be ready coz I may tell a story about YOU if you are those who happen to be in my life~..
Believe me, our lives is so interesting and if people are interested to know your story, that means you are a significant to this world..So, everyone..this is My Story~.. :)

I hope u'll enjoy my entries..I'll try my best and wud love some guidance! :D

1 comment:

  1. wooo~cant wait for the next entry!! i want moree!!~