Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I Don't Wanna Be A Doctor Anymore!~..

Hellow beautilicious peeps out there!~..It's been quite a long time that I haven't wrote anything in this blog..I think spiders have been spinning some webs in here..[or at least in my room.. ;p ]
anyways I've been REAL busy lately~..what's with the end of my most hectic month of year 2010 which was April..I had loads of things done in that particular month..especially completing and perfecting my clinical reports done during my practicals since December in IPR till March in Kota Bharu Hospital..It was exhausting, I'm telling you..But, anyhow..with only-God-knows-where-my- energy-comes-from, I managed to finish everything on time..Alhamdulillah~.. :)
Owh, one more thing~..I started working at a family clinic! Yippie!~..So, imagine..working on 8 hours shift, finishing my reports at night, going to business talk in alternate week
s, dates on weekends, managing myself..wowwww~..how did I managed that?

Then, came May~..my most loveliest month every year!~..coz it's my Birthday Month obviously..hehe..Being 24 years old~..what can I say about that..hmmm..I'm telling you honestly I'm very excited being 24..in fact, I love it! I would say that this year, this age..will be the benchmark for my life..so long I have been waiting for life to get started..to actually take a very daring diverge from the life path that I have been following so obediently for so long..To tell you the truth, I'm not afraid anymore..To actually stray away from the safe side, and to take that risk of getting hurt..I want to be able to make my own choice, my own decision without any fear of the consequence and dare to take that risks..I might fall, but I'll get up and start all over again knowing that all the difference made was because of myself, of what I've already decided..and I would walk tall without regrets and no turning back and also, no one else to blame~...

So, what was it that I've decided for myself?..for the short-term, I've planned a 7 months life-saving-kit for myself..hehe..that is to be able to support myself financially..Okay, I know money is not the world..but gosh, world IS about money~..still wondering why I said I don't wanna be a doctor anymore?..yep, u guess it right..I can't afford it. I can't afford an education that will leave me mounting with debts..graduating with 100s of thousands worth of debts is the last thing that I had in my mind when I started my meds school..[yeahhh...I tot I could get scholarship easily.. ;p ]
I know the proverbs: when there's a will, there's a way..but I just couldn't do it anymore..maybe my heart is no longer in it..well, that's a whole of a different story now..What I can sa
y is, I do still want to serve my community, do all the great things that I can to help our generation, being a good citizen blah..blah..blah..and I think I found the way to do it.. ;)

So, hopefully all the people that I loved so much around me will support me..for whatever I wanna do for my own life..Coz, their support means the most to me..my family, my friends, my love one..seriously, I'd die without them..For all my friends who are starting their MBBS this coming 2nd week of June, I wish you all the BEST guys~..I'm so proud of you..to me, you are the ones who continue our legacy, my legacy in the courteous mission of saving people's life and providing the community with the best health service..Belajar rajin2 okay!~..Hugss..


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  2. TQ *hugs~ i hope you'll be happy & successful.....it juse that sayangnya we cant have u here
    ~komen kt atas tu silap eja la